The Sally Society

The Sally Society

This is us. The Sally Society. An esoteric community with room for dreaming, dancing....and, well, creating inspirational and optimistic illustrations.

We are in challenging times. This forces us to reflect, to think about ourselves, the meaning of life and who we want to become in future times in the light of this new world created after the pandemic.

Finding ourselves in between the uncertain present and a fantasy haven makes us want to express ourselves through art. That is what we do in The Sally Society. We paint and draw what we find to be lifting us up into this brave new world we believe in.

This new world is studded with simple and beautiful flowers, trees, bushes and floral life. There is lots of birds surrounding us, singing quietly, keeping us smiling. It is an amazing world and we want to invite you in.

Welcome to The Sally Society. Do not hesitate at any time to reach out to us.

We would love to get to know you.

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Love and happiness ❤