Oasis Artisans

Oasis Artisans


We are a family of Artists living on our own Haven, The Oasis Family Farm in Sparta Georgia. By living and working here, we have become very aware of our environment and the beauty it the creates in our lives. We paint and we make jewelry, we reuse things and turn them into Art. We are fortunate to have so many of us inspired to create pieces others want to enjoy. We only recently found the talents you see. It is like a miracle. As with other Artists we have met We have found that we can and do create more than one form of Art, from wood to gourds, stretched canvases, and even in gemstone jewelry. All of are works are naturally inspired, by the world we enjoy around us daily. We invite you to see all our galleries, and even find us on Facebook, under Oasis Artisans. As we travel all around middle georgia doing festivals, and exhibits !! now let me introduce the artist and their artistic interest

Brandi Davis, Avid Painter of the landscapes and the stars. Using acrylics in metallics and fluorescents.- Gemstone Jewelry- Sun Catcher Prisms. She is also a Reiki master, and Crystal therapist, she aspires to help others heal mind and spirit.

Jessica McBride Painter of Celestial works the planets moon and sun are her favorite. She is also a massage therapist, and creates her Art after working hard to help others heal their bodies. She aspires to help others heal mind and spirit in tandem with Brandi.

Ashley Taylor, Painter Acrylics, She sees the fantasy world and recreates it in her paintings, - Gemstone jewelry creator as well. She is still seeking her favorite medium for her expressions, and we are excited to see where she finds her passion.

Brian Davis, our Photographer, His eye catches the ordinary , and shows us just how extraordinary it really is. Photos of nature birds and flowers all around the Oasis Family Farm. His photos help Inspire his wife Brandi to create her works.

Candi Fortney, Painting acrylics spirit animals, especially birds. She sees them in her own made up world, as a Totem animal. currently she is painting on wood and gourds ,in addition to stretched canvases . She also creates Copper wire wrapped gemstone jewelry which she calls Art for the body works. She is the mother of Jessica and Brandi. And the Beginning of the Artist journey here on the Oasis

Beverly Poss, While she does not live here on the Oasis Family Farm, she finds her comfort and inspiration here. She has made so many gorgeous pieces for us, all inspired by what she feels inside. Please enjoy her Art Deco pieces in our gallery.

Oasis Artisan Brandi Davis

Oasis Artisan Ashley Taylor

Oasis Artisan Orenda ( Candi)

Oasis Artian Brian Davis