TheFaceArt Gallery

TheFaceArt Gallery

Hi there! My name is Tiara and I've been painting since middle school. I've always loved creating colours and figures on my own ever since I could get my hands on pencil and paper. As I love painting, I'm always going to produce more to satisfy my own inner creative beast but unfortunately I am starting to run out of storage space for them. I thought I'd share these with you so that they could find a new place to live and brighten someone else's lives.

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Here is my personal statement if you want to know more about my inspirations and aspirations:

The theme that I have been intrigued by for the past few years is the theme of human identity, this through the lens of portraiture. I believe the identity is the truest value an artist can hold and therefore, sparked my interest in portraiture. I first researched and experimented with the physical aspect of portraiture and thus chose self-portraits as a relevant base to my work as I am the person I know best. That said, as I gained more skills in drawing human faces, I became intrigued by the abstract ideas an artist could incorporate into a portrait. I was mainly influenced by Agnes Cecile’s watercolors as she creates very specific moods and emotions through brushstrokes and I started developing my style with oil knife painting. French artist Francoise Nielly inspired me with her knife painting technique and her use of color and strokes. I created four studio works based on portraying a specific mood such as depth and sensuality. I focused on lines, texture and color while trying to develop my personal knife painting technique using oil paints as main medium. I believe it is important to explore one’s true identity as an artist, this in the means of his/her style. I develop my own and used it to portray concepts or ideas through large portraits. Though I was greatly inspired by professional artists who used this technique, I explored new ways to use the palette knife and the oil paints to create an effect of my own. I gradually changed by style as I grew to learn more about the properties of that specific technique. My studio works are a mirror representation of my growth as a person and an artist, exploring both the inner self and the physical properties.