Boris Mihalj, born on the 31st of august 1966 in Šempeter pri Gorici, but living in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is an acclaimed actor employed by SNG Drama Ljubljana.

He graduated the Academy of Theater, Radio, Film and Television in 1992 when he also enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Italy, and in 1996 graduated in painting and obtained his professional title as an academic painter. In 2003 he continued his postgraduate studies with History of Anthropology at the Faculty of Graduate Studies in Humanities, ISH in Ljubljana, and in 2009 received a Ph.D. He is also a PhD candidate at ZRC SAZU Graduate School.

His works consist of sculptures and paintings.

This is his explanation of his works and impulses of creation.
»A need for creation. A desire for beauty. These powerful inner forces, coming together in my own creations as they always have – like a play.
I liked being able to create what was unreachable for me. A twisted paper clip
only needed a few accessories and a little bit of imagination to become what i have been looking for.
And it was exactly as beautiful as i wanted it to be.
As the passing years left their imprints on me, my requirements and levels of my expressions grew with them. As in love as I was with art, I could not afford the works that inspired me and brought me joy. So I created my own. In my own way. As I can. And I stored them and i store them still. And now I wish to offer people a chance for my art to bring them joy and inspiration«