Trevor Gaffney

If I could have any super power it'd be to have the ability to turn into other people.
I'm open to debate...but I have my reasons
Tell me which super power you'd have!

Anyways, I've been creating art my entire life, but it's been since 2009 that I started taking it to the next level. I have a passion for art and I believe that passion is worth pursuing. Splatter and Drip style painting is something that just resonates with me. I enjoy creating something that can bring a "WOW" factor. What I mean by that is, I want to be able to paint something that has so many layers, there's so much going on that you can literally imagine everything and nothing all at once.

Always creating and updating my page with new pieces, so come back again!

I hope you enjoy! Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
-Open for commission based custom paintings.