Artistic Photos by Terry Baumgartner

In 1970, while overseas in the US Air Force, I bought my first good camera, a Canon FTB. I started by photographing the Japanese Culture and the military life I was living.
Once I got back to the States, I enrolled at Illinois State University, located in Normal, Il., focusing on black and white film and the darkroom. I was lucky enough to have independent study under Professor Robert Stefl while he was at ISU. I learned about high lights and the 10 shades of Black to White (Zone system), which helped improved my photographic eye.
I supported my "Hobby" by becoming a Wedding Photographer while working my full time job with the US Postal Service.
In the mid 1990's I purchased my first Digital camera {Olympus}. At that time, I drifted into nature and landscapes as an art form, focusing on close-ups, water features, reflections and patterns.

Water features