Teigan Blackshaw Photographer

Teigan Blackshaw Photographer


Fine Art photographer from South Western Sydney. When Teigan Blackshaw (B.1986) was told she would never work again her whole world turned upside down. This was when her art was born. "I want to show what people don't or can't see" She has said.

While she was no stranger to film medium from school years she did not follow on from school until the world reminded her about her art. Fibromyalgia took a lot from her at 25 but it also gave her a strong message to portray in her art. Her images are often dark with a limited color palette. She focuses on the lines frequently and also the things that we have trouble saying. Pain is often shown in some form of her works. She is a true believer that any emotional response to an image creates a successful image.

Some such pieces have been shown in Milano Italy at the ArtExpo 2016, Parliament house Australia Recovery in Art Exhibition 2016-2017, Multiple See Me, Hear Me exhibitions around Sydney in 2016 and in the Mental Health Commission NSW Australia 2016. Gurushots.com also chose one of her images to be displayed in 2017

Ehlers-Danlos syndromes (EDS)

Invisible Pain Series