I am a native of St. Louis Missouri. I have always loved art! The creative expression of thoughts, feelings, and emotions brought to life. For over a decade my "artistic canvas" was hair. I am the former owner and operator of Studio 27 LLC, a unique hair salon once located in Joplin MO. I named the shop after Psalms 27 "...The Lord is my light and my salvation..." When I began this journey I wanted to be able to share my passion for creativity and my love for our creator. Seeking God first has put my life into proper perspective, and I want that for everyone that God allows to come my way.

I had so much to say and yet I wanted to take a different approach in the sharing of God's word. So I decided to put pen to paper and through that was birthed "Letters From God", a children's book I wrote and illustrated. Because of that project, my desire to paint came forth. Outside of the required classes from elementary through high school, I have had no formal training for this gift that flows through me. My art is a reflective expression of God's unfailing love. Just as singers sing praises to Him, I use my hands to praise Him. I couldn't hold a note if I had to, but through God I can bring images to life on canvas!!

Most of my art is rendered in Black and white to illustratively prove an undeniable truth, that Light will always conqure darknessI

It is an honor to share with you through art, the love of the God I serve. We must all shine in darkness and remind our brothers and sisters where they come from so that they can discover their true purpose and find their way back home. For we are all a beautiful reflection of our God, fearlessly and wonderfully made!