Tanja Djokic

Tanja Djokic


Actively exhibiting worldwide since 1995. in numerous solo and collective exhibitions (Paris, Belgrade, Bali, Jakarta, Cambrodge, Lexington, Cairo, Bangkok...).
Winner of several international awards for painting and drawing and participant of international symposiums and festivals.

Pregraduate experience in art and painting acquired in art schools of USA during four years (McAteer High School of Arts and George Washington High School, San Francisco, California).
Attained Bachelors Degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade and Priština in 1997. painting Department.
Attained M.F.A. degree in 2000., Academy Of Fine Arts in Priština

“Visiting Artist” and a Stipendist of Indonesian Government at the Indonesian University of Art (“Institute Seni Indonesia” ISI Denpasar) in Bali for the year 2003/2004.

Works and lives as a free lance artist worldwide