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Tamara Spence Art


Tamara Spence

For me Art is healing...lessons of personal acceptance.

My greatest influence was my father a sculptor, life philosopher, lover of nature and teacher. I grew up half in Vancouver and half on Salt Spring Island, BC. I am an island/city girl. I have lived in North Vancouver with my husband and family since 1998.I was a varsity volleyball athlete and have enjoyed coaching for over 20 years. This is my second career after leaving Nursing due to a back injury.

I enjoy creating abstract forms through drawing, painting and sculpture, implementing inks, acrylics, cardboard, clay, papier-mâché, and watercolours. I enjoy mixing my mediums and challenging myself.

Organic shapes, textures and colours in nature inspire me.

When abstract forms create meaning for me, I am in heaven.

Water colours



Abstract Forms

Abstract Florals