Born in Los Angeles, CA *Southern Raised*
Lives & works in Los Angeles, CA

Graphic artist by trade, but found passion in photography,photo editing and digital design. I graduated from Phoenix Institute of Technology and then went on to do lay out and design for the Sacramento Observer Newspapers. I eventually came to Southern California where Took courses in animation and SFX at La Puente Valley Regional Occupation School. I freelanced for several years working with story boards for production companies and worked with Activision .I then settled into teaching Art to Kids ages 5-13 for Mission Renaissance Fine Art School for Kids and Adults.
I taught in mediums from Oils, water colors, and pastels. My passion then turned towards photography and when I was asked to take a photo and remove a coffee stain I turned my attention to a new medium, photography with emphasis on retouching and restoration of old photos.In the process of doing retouch and restoration to photos I found digitally enhancing photos into art work was very rewarding visually to me and those who supported my art .So here I am today having fun with re-editing and bringing photos to a new visual high while staying true to my artistic roots.

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