I (Takarais Reshad Billups) create Art to raise consciousness and to promote change. I believe we (humans) have created a primitive society based on selfishness, violence, manipulation, and fear of change. I believe all living Organisms on this planet are intrinsically connected and eternally dependent upon one another to exist. Yet, we choose to see each other as totally separate from one another and ignore the basic needs of the whole. Thus, on a planet that provides more than enough resources for all to live with dignity, the idea of total separation keeps our society from becoming more advanced. It is my Destiny to show humans the Truth about themselves and their environment, in hopes that we can eventually develop a more compassionate and equal society. I not perfect and play on own part in destroying the environment too, but I truthfully believe that if enough of us Humans can get on the same page we can create heaven here on earth yet again. I use the word humans because you cannot observe a group of animals destroying the earth.

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