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When I was 2 years old my mother was in an abusive relationship, It happened three time and the third I grab a knife and told him to stop. He did and it never happened again. Because of this I
unconsciously subconsciously developed a "saver" mentality that I have acting out all my life.

When I was 13 I was exposed to art when my step brother paused our Dragon Ball Z episode and started drawing what was on the screen. That day I started drawing and never stopped.

My art is meant to spread love, peace, awareness, and creativity also to state the change I want to see in the world. The goal is to provide the viewer a chance to broaden their perspective by thinking about what they’re looking at and their personal relation to it. Honestly I decided to save the World, I want to help
people grow to be the true them. My first and deepest emotion is always Love.
Realizing the Earth’s problems is bigger than me I sort out to do the next best
thing. Express my love for the world and for personal growth to the world in
hopes for a positive change.

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