Thom Zehrfeld Photography

Thom Zehrfeld Photography

Thom Zehrfeld lives in Newport, Oregon on the Central Coast and, is fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful spots in Oregon!

The ocean, the beach, the sea's fresh air naturally inspires his art! There is always something exciting to capture with a camera!

However, it's not all seascapes...Thom likes capturing automobiles, trucks, motorcycles. And, he travels many places to do just that! He uses mostly color, adding textures and, lately has gone head first into digital some photos a dimension that allows for a very unique look.

Photography awards include the “McLoughlin Promenade” which is displayed at the Clackamas County Historical Museum in Oregon City. Also, he has won the Springbok National Photography Contest three years in a row. His photos were converted into jigsaw puzzles that were distributed worldwide.

Personal Exhibitions have been through the Sunnyside Medical Center and, the Clackamas County Main Campus! His “Dock 5 Fresh Live Crab” and "My Lee" fine art photographs are on permanent display at the Samaritan Hospital in Newport, Oregon. Also, he is in several galleries on the Oregon Coast.

Education: Lewis and Clark College and Newspace School of Photography

Please note: Art pieces on this website are protected by United States and international copyright laws, all rights reserved. Please do not copy, reproduce any of his photography without written permission. The purchase of any of his photography does not transfer reproduction rights.

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