TSIMU - Tricia Santa Ines Mutobe

TSIMU - Tricia Santa Ines Mutobe


Tricia wants to live in a world where people are passionate about their dreams, stay creative, and laugh so hard every once in a while, they pee in their pants.

With a degree in fashion design, she created many unique and special items in a variety of fashion categories such as woman’s apparel, handbags and home accessories. She designed for many companies including Bebe, Whiting and Davis and Williams-Sonoma. After a few years, she started her own company, Pink Stripes, a woman’s retailer in the Bay Area. She thoughtfully presented each collection within each store where her visual displays showcased her dynamic flair for trying to push the envelope.

When she’s not starting a new business idea, you can find her being ‘artsy fartsy’ in her living room, or being an accomplice to her young son and his impromptu games, imaginative plans, or crazy science experiments.

Her ‘next play’ is still in the works, but you can bet it will be handled with passion and creativity.

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