Hello my name is Ashley Marszakowski I am 24years old I have been painting since I have been about eleven or twelve. My mother was/is an artist also, she did alot of work for a local bar painting windows and other things for the bar also. I have a deep passion for my work, i have a three year old daughter who has been my inspiration and she also shows alot of enegy and intrest towards painting. this is something new for me, I have never thought of attempting to sell them simply because i have just loved to paint and thats it. but recently i met a guy and he showed intrest and expressed how he thought i shoult try n do something with them as far as selling and letting the world enjoy my talent as he put it. well needless to say i wasn't really moved by this, but he wasn't backing off really pushed me to try and now he found this web site artpal and here I am. I love colors so most of my painting art loud and very refreshing. With that said i also have a liking for earth tone colors too. i try to appeal to every body kids to adults. this is very exciting bring me to have a very strong motivation to paint with my mind heart body and soul. well thats me i thank you in advance for support and oppertunity to showcase my works of enjoyment i hope you like love my works. Thankyou all.

Ashley's introduction paintings