T.Brown ART

T.Brown ART



It's early on Saturday morning, 1976...really early.

My sisters and I are coloring with our crayons with the built-in sharpener, as "Scooby Doo" or "Land of the Lost" plays on the TV. Our mornings are creative, filled with imagination, and the magic of the 1970's bright pop culture in which we were raised. We draw and color anywhere and everywhere: on shaggy carpets, splintered benches, or gifted paper or canvases. At an early age, I learned to draw and paint in the way of the Old Masters. In my teenage years a significant opportunity emerged for me to create two massive wall murals, which opened the door to creating larger works. I went on to earn my Fine Arts Degree with a minor in Art History at Arizona State and entered my Masters of Fine Arts at Towson State, where I studied under Nannette Blinchikoff, Janice Krach, Earl Linderman, Henry Schoebel, and Leonard Koscianski.


Todd Browns current acrylic-on-canvas paintings float the back to the artists childhood Saturday mornings where TV and comic books were plentiful. In those years early retro Cover-Art didn’t bare or crossover into that raw and honest emotional boundary, as in today's current graphic novel revolution. Todd’s paintings are based on reproductions of the original throwbacks of his childhood, made possible through comic books, 1970-80’s television and pop culture. Through each of his pieces we are lightly inodiated with fireworks of advertising and product branding. Consumerism floods his work and force the connections between an illustrative side and branded imagery. Viewers of the art choose to trust or distrust the frequent subliminal overexposure of advertisement as the throwback representation breaks up that mindset with the two sides of a continuing story. The black and white character story-line battles the loud color which portrays the past and present harmony of each. Fascinated with cover and pop art, his latest works are a new combination of a graphic book narrative combined with modern pop-art that fuses a path through each bold, and energetic exploration. There is an opportunity for two separate but corresponding emotions. This juxtaposition displays one side as a serious graphic depiction of an exploration of graphic intimacies, while the other side plays on a retro branded neo-pop art style where the artist is re-visiting his fascination with repeated imagery of his childhood. It is here the viewer will develop a relationship-based self-awareness with each painting. The work manages to be simultaneously spiritual and scathingly "pop", and it incorporates aspects from many facets of its creator’s illustrious career. By slamming contrasting subject matter into one-piece, the relationship of the comic imagery and products will all blend to create one loud story. Each painting is the artists own personal comic book cover; the individual brand is sold separately.