Syona Fine Art

Syona Fine Art

Romanian by birth, Syona moved to the UK in 2018 and started to paint “upon a call received in her heart”, as she likes to say, embracing painting as a career, after a brilliant previous career as a dancer and choreographer.

Syona has always been an adventurer. As a visual artist, she constantly explores new territories, seeking to be in-tune with the energy around her. In a state of resonance with the world, she attempts to ride a way with every instant, acting as a channel through her brush and other tools for the forces of nature, not least the power of gravity, that carries paint onto her canvas.

Her work is one deeply philosophical and rooted into the material world, connected to spirit, as much as to matter, to the winds that shape clouds, the currents that animate water, the slow movements of the earth’s crust, as hills and valleys are shaped, as well as to the movements of her own consciousness and imagination.

“When I paint with a certain colour, I become that colour. When I paint water, I become water. The words are clear of meanings, the questions are silent and leave me with that reaction of astonishment facing the truth, which flows in silence over me. I deconstruct stories and listen deeply. I create by letting myself to be guided by the energy released. It’s something that happens spontaneously. I feel it powerfully in my heart and it comes out in an abstract form.”

Although much of her work requires solitude and silence, Syona withdraws inspiration equally from her past dance ventures and choreographic collaborations, as from her new encounters with other artists and art lovers.

For over 2 decades, Syona was an exceptionally talented dancer and choreographer, known by the name of Simona Dan. Dance continues to this day to move her deeply. Thus, in 2018, when she started to paint, she embarked in a series of collaborations with the National School of Choreography “Floria Capsali” and the National High-school of Music “George Enescu” in Bucharest, Romania, along with her own dance students, which she has continuously trained since 2007. She explored with them the resonance between sound, movement, word and image, attempting simultaneous creations to express the essence of each, in a series of single shared moments. Out of these collaborations, a “multi-media” performance was born – The Liquid Poetry of Soul – combining painting, dance, poetry and music. This performance has been highly acclaimed in some of the most prestigious art venues of Bucharest, such as the National Gallery of Romania, the Romanian Academy Library or the National Museum of Music “George Enescu”. Syona’s paintings were inspired by her intuitions around the essence or energy fields of certain sounds, words and body movements and the resonance between them.

When she is in a creative space, such as a museum, a gallery or a library, she is in a higher receptivity state and hears her inner voice. Sometimes her inner voice starts expressing itself, in a mysterious way and thus, she discovers some aspects about herself she wasn’t aware of before.

“First of all, I choose a movement, or a sound or a word, and I look for a way in which I can guide my audience to find themselves in the surprising field of their own imagination.”

Syona is a seeker, she must withdraw from the world to free herself from the ordinary time and space, to enter in meditation the zone of non-duality. Only silence allows for that. Syona’s search is about successfully being in the moment. For many years, Syona studied Advaita Vedanta, the Oriental non-dualistic philosophy and spiritual pathway, and practiced Mantra Yoga and other technics of breathing, meditation, being in the moment and cultivating the spontaneity of all things. A journey of experimentation, which Syona continues to this day, through every form of artistic manifestation, in search of the Self and of the Beauty.

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