Susan Goke

Susan Goke

I live in Southern Indiana. I grew up in Wisconsin. Youngest of 16 children. I am married with 4 grown children. I have had cancer. I have homeschooled. I work with Alzheimer and various Dementia. I enjoy being active when I'm not being lazy and hanging around of which I also enjoy. I like tennis, kyacking, riding bike, walking and deep conversations on uncomfortable topics.

Please enjoy the art below. You can also purchase directly from me.
Portraits shown are not for sale but are examples of my work in this area thus far.

If you enjoy the portraits Ive done so far and would like to set up a portrait session. The entire process from begining to end including matting and shipping is a flat rate of $160.00. 14X20 inch. Finished matting size is 18X24 inches.

It is fun to have your portrait painted and will provide me with financial support to grow and improve my skills.


Portraite painting