Greetings and Welcome to the SUNDBERG – REGELMAN GALLERY!

CARL SUNDBERG and WILDA REGELMAN SUNDBERG were married back in ~1950. They painted their entire lives while raising a family! They were dedicated artists and both were in National Art Shows winning prizes, doing commissions, and selling their art. WILDA was a Watercolorist and CARL was a Painter and Graphic Designer who worked with Porcelain Enamel on Steel and screen printed images.

In many cases WILDA's works have artwork on the backside of the piece. In some cases they are studies or beginnings of work but in many cases they are finished artworks meaning you are buying 2 for 1. The side called FRONT in those cases happens to be the one the artist selected for framing. Look for backside images in the second image for each piece.

Please know that all actual art pieces of art are sold "as-is" except when we add frames. The frames of works are FREE of charge so those art works may not be returned because of the frames. If you have a problem with a reproduction / print-on-demand, please contact CRAIG at for any assistance.

We also take special requests such as matting or framing so if you have someone you use we can work with them to get the work matted and framed to your specifications! If you want us to handle that we can quote framed works for you with some guidance from you as to matt colors and frame styes. We have local specialists that will do this for us. Contact CRAIG at for any assistance.

NEWS! As of 24 OCTOBER 2022 this gallery now includes CORNER LIGHTS designed by CRAIG SUNDBERG. CORNER LIGHTS are modern art made of finely finished hard wood. The LED lights cannot be seen directly as they face the corner the corner they are mounted in and produce no shadow room lighting. CORNER LIGHTS are sold on ETSY under ZENLIGHTSLLC and previously on and under the company name of ZENLIGHTS LLC. These can be purchased in multiples as they are manufactured in limited editions.