Brooklyn Born, Long Island Bred
It started from my grandfather, Philip Chiarello, giving me an Argus 35mm camera. I was 13 in '69 and I figured out how to shoot with thought.

Working full time, saving to finish college, going away for three years to complete a ten-year degree--GOT IT!! While I was working on my degree, I would be in art books trying to figure out "The Why".

My first painting was a man dragging his spine with a mask on. I was born from Brooklynites and we would go to Brooklyn every weekend to the streets of DeKalb Avenue, Stockholm Street, Knickerbocker Avenue and Irving. That was my foundation of the street. Loved it at the time and it stays in you. The camera, the paints, the wood, the words--my fuse was lit!

I found out it wasn't about how much the paintings were worth; it was about the challenge of interrupting space in time and communicating lost time, future time, and now time to the viewer.