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Tips for the beginning artist

Hi my name is Sway. I create art using mixed media including, acrylic, pen and ink, watercolor, photography, makeup, and anything I can get my hands on. This last year I have rediscovered my passions in life. I decided to let go and just go for it. Before this I was focused on creating my family and putting my career on hold. My world was good, but after time I felt like my own identity was fading. I felt like I was doing a disservice to my kids. I wanted them to look at me and not only see mom , but I wanted to inspire them to follow their dreams and believe that anything is possible through hard work and perseverance. Following your dreams is not always easy, but some of these life lessons have helped keep me passionate and positive along my journey.

Think like a kid. Most children think they are amazing artist in kindergarten. Then they grow up and somebody tells them they are not. Children do not have a limit to the imagination because they don't know yet what is or isn't possible. To them everything is possible making them excellent learners. We loose this quality as we age and become bogged down with the stresses of adult life. So tell your adult self to take a hike for an afternoon. Use your imagination to go on an adventure in your mind. Take a walk and take the time to slow down and look at every thing around you as if your seeing it for the first time. Never loose your wonderment for life and try something new. Be open minded and never stop learning. Do not limit yourself. Your world is only as big as your imagination. Inspiration is everywhere once you start looking.

At times you will have to reproduce someone else's ideas, but never forget your own voice and make time to put your own passion and emotion into your work. I believe that art is an expression of the artist emotions and in turn should cause an emotional response from its viewer. I am often at my most creative when I am in an emotional mood weather it be positive or negative. If your having a bad day take out a sketch pad or throw paint at a canvas and relieve some of that stress. You might be happily surprised by the out come. Art can be therapeutic so don't hold back.

Don’t let the haters or rejection hold you down. Remember art is meant to evoke emotion. Anytime you put yourself out there expect to be judged, criticized, liked, loved, hated, and any other feeling you can think of. Keep your spirits up and try not to take it personally. If you are getting great reviews good for you. You probably deserve it. Learn to except compliments and be humble at the same time. Remember persistence is key you just have to keep putting yourself out there. Don't give up on yourself right before all your hard work pays off.

Invest in yourself. What I mean by this is don't expect anybody to do the work for you. Don't try and look for others to sell or promote your art. You can do this yourself. No body is more passionate about your work than you. Don't wait around waisting time and money looking for someone to take a cut. It's a lot of hard work , but your success is only limited by your effort. Don't get me wrong It's ok to ask for help, but in the end you need to be your own cheerleader.

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