Sue Whitehead Arts

Sue Whitehead Arts

Hi! I am Sue and I am having a great time creating all kinds of things art-related. For all of my life I have loved drawing, sculpting, and crafting and now I finally have time to indulge in it full time.

My creations reflect all the many types of art that I love. I like to reflect the beauty of life all around us in my art work.

My drawings and sketches are primarily done on my computer using several different programs and drawing tools. I also make and sell greeting cards on Etsy that I have made using origami and scroll work along with digital work.I hope to have some sculptures available soon and I will be adding more art as this website grows.

Please check back often if you like what you see here. Thanks for your interest.

Giclee Art

Old Manuscript Illuminations

Vintage Illustrations

Vintage Photographs