Seth Anani

Seth Anani

I’m a Ghanaian visual artist living in Sweden with a greater passion in drawing and painting.

My style and techniques ranges from wet to dry mediums, brush and pallet knife applications are never left out.

My wide perspective of all the disciplines of drawing and painting has made me to dive into all forms of paintings ranging from ABSTRACT(Impressionism/Exptessionism) to REALISTIC ART, therefore I have expressed my creativity in the areas of landscapes, still life, figure, portrait( Humans and animal drawing) and designing(digital/manual)

My aim and purpose is to support and to reach the world of today through culture, history, trades by creating awareness and informing society positively through my art and also to support the poor, less privileged and the needy with some Of the proceeds I make through art especially in less privileged and poor countries.

Seth Anani
#Art for blessedness
# Missioned for passion
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