I am a painter from the Lanaudiere region in Quebec, creating has always been a beautiful way for me to express myself. The drawing was very present in my youth by my parents and my love of the plastic arts.
As a young adult, I found myself by chance in an oil painting class after my first choice in drawing was complete. This was a turning point in my life, I had just discovered my new love :-)
I have been painting for several years and I am self-taught by nature. I like to keep my spontaneity, naivety, try different styles, I create what comes to me on the moment. I take this opportunity to quote the great Quebec artist, Marcel Gagnon (painter, writer, sculptor), because his ideology joins me a lot, here is an excerpt from his book Art: Accidents in art are our best fuel to create in a more personal way.
I use mostly oil paint with mixed variation on some canvases from paste and modeling gel. I love fantasy, but I also do several other categories. Enjoy your visit in my world of escape and emotion!


Chinese shadow