Saint Lukes Guild Australia

Saint Lukes Guild Australia

Experienced Team Leader and Luxury Salesperson. Fine Artist. History and Philosophy Enthusiast. Researcher. Legitimate futurist advocate: Stakeholder Engagement.
Self motivated, hard working, stoic, honest, people person with vast and varied experience.
20 years of Retail and Customer Service.
A lifetime of furniture factory's and warehouses.
Multi-Million Dollar, Top End mattress and furniture Sales Star.
Highly experienced in Bespoke furniture and mattress design. Foam Agent. Comfort foam. Switzerland πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­

Currently Reccomended for a position within the Royal Australian Corps of Transportation. πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ’•

Royal Military DNA
Royal Australian Air Force WW2 (PNG & GB) Both Grandfathers. Women's Airforce Auxiliary Corps WW2 Melbourne, Grandmother 1939. Royal British Officer Nurse WW2, Grandmother. Royal British Airforce WW1, Great Grandfather.
Australian War Memorial Role of Honour, Great Grandfather, Sergeant Victor Theodore Van Staveren, 2 base Ordinance Depot, Melbourne.
Citizens Army/Milita/ Volunteer Forces Victoria, (e.s.t ~mid to late 1800's-1940's Heathcote/Pyalong/Pukapunyal Originals).
Napoleons Guard of Honour (The Immortals), GGGG Grandfather.
Jan Aldreinzs Van Staveren, Dutch Golden Age Painter. GGGGGGG Uncle (no issue)
Augustinus Van Staveren ~ Julius Nepos'

V.O.C Dutch East India Trading Co. Map writers. Johannes Covens Publishers. RIP~ #absolutly βœ‰

Original Drawings