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A hardcore fan of Manga, anime, Marvel comics and DC comics!!

Welcome to my Shop - All prices shown here are in USD - All products are digital goods - Your purchase supports me directly and is sincerely appreciated! If you have any questions, you can reach me through direct message on Twitter. Here, my past drawings, as well as my current drawings are shown!

I spend most of my time creating content on my Twitter account @stevensonjohns1, where most of my drawings will first be shown, so go follow me, and if you’re interested in directly supporting me (so I can buy high quality art tools which will further increase the quality of my art for you and so that I can save up enough money to publish my future storybooks), then this shop is the best way to do so while getting awesome drawings for yourself too!

I draw characters from various Comic book TV shows and movies, including β€˜The Flash’, β€˜Arrow’ and β€˜DC's legends of tomorrow. I also draw commissions.

Inked & Colored Chibi Portrait Commission Info

Please read my conditions entirely before sending a photo. Serious buyers need only apply. Only style of private, non- commercial commissions I'm currently open to. When you direct message me a photo via Twitter, you've accepted and agreed to all of my terms below. Only send me a single or group person ( up to two people only), selfie style photo reference(s) to my Twitter account via DM( Direct Message). Once i received and drawn your commission, I'll tweet you that it is done and is available in the commissions gallery of my store. The selfie style photo should be from the top of the head to just below the neck or shoulders.

Type of photos that will either be ignored or rejected:

Missing a photo
Requesting a free sketch
Asking repeatedly if I'll accept yours
Photos of more than two people, groups
Extreme close ups/ cropped foreheads/ cropped faces
Inappropriate, Violent, bloody, gore, indecent, vulgar, or revealing photos (real or fantasy)
Blurry, small file, bland compositions, or complicated photos
Person interacting with medium to large objects
Person interacting with other people
Art trades
Not relating at all to portraits

Sorry for all the rules. It simply makes my life a whole lot easier to focus on drawing for my customers and not just having to tweet or email people back and forth all day with these details. Please don't be offended if I don't get back to you right away. I may be waiting on other customers, working on other projects, etc.

If you understand and agree with all the above, don't mind that you may not get an
immediate response back, then feel free to continue.πŸ˜€

Thank you for reading.
Enjoy looking around!

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