Steven Calapai Published Artist

Steven Calapai Published Artist

Artist Steven Calapai was born and raised on Long Island, New York. Steven started his career as an actor/print model at an early age and has worked with top TV & Film Companies, agents, and managers. He was represented by the same organizations that represented Menudo and Rickie Martin.

At the age of 10, following a very horrible divorce, Steven saw his family torn apart. Devastated, Steven turned to art and music. He spent hours alone in closets, drawing and escaping this new pain that would last for years. Music and art were saving graces in his life. Calapai taught himself how to play the drums and, having no money, he would scour the weekly garbage’s at night on his bicycle to try and find someone throwing out a drum set. After many tries, he succeeded. “I found an old Ludwig set in the trash. It was champagne pearl. Not an extremely popular color with teenagers. I remember finding sandpaper and black and white house paint in our garage. I worked so hard sanding all the pearl paint off and painted the set black and white stripes. The set was a huge hit with the other kids, a lot better than my drumming those days. I also painted the bicycle”. Here is where his passion for the arts was born. “I remember getting yelled at by my mother for drawing on the mail, as there was nothing else left to draw on”.

In his teenage years, Calapai turned to modeling and acting, as well as playing in garage bands. As there was no internet or social media and money was scarce, Steven learned how to promote himself using the tools that were available to him, his vision, surroundings, and his hands. Sketching out promotional ads and flyers, using markers, pen, pencil and even crayon to create flyers for the bands and his newfound passion for acting. "We couldn't afford head-shots back then. I remember having a friend take black and white pictures and heading to photo mat to get them developed. I did everything I could to make them look professional and after many tries it worked. From transfer letters and stencils to adding colors, nothing was going to stop me".

Throughout his later teenage years Calapai’s intrigue into the arts was growing even stronger. Nights at Studio 54 having incredible conversations with the likes of Andy Warhol and David Bowie, the art galleries of NY City, journeying through different types of neighborhoods and cultures, storing everything he saw in his mind, constantly educating himself through art. Having played numerous times and being a regular at CBGB in NY City's Hell's Kitchen, Steven was able to experience not only the sounds and conversations with Hilly Crystal (Owner,) David Byrne from The Talking Head's, Blondie and Iggy Pop, to name just a few, but the beginning of what now is called "Pop Art”.

Following a successful career in acting/print modeling, Steven tried his hand at a career in The Music Industry, where he was a great success. Working as a producer, session drummer, Grammy Member and studio owner, Steven has had the privilege to manage 2 Time #1 recording artist Freddie Scott. Mr. Scott's hits included: "You Got What I Need"-Sampled By rapper Biz Markie, #1 hit song "Hey Girl", #1 R&B hit, "Are You Lonely For Me Baby," and another 10 top thirty hits. While working with Scott, Steven set up and designed numerous public appearances, red