“Great art, whether it be visual, sculptural, functional or audio, has a presence, a spirit which is truly felt. We seek to incorporate that presence , that spirit into every piece we create. Art is an unfounded religion whose inspiration comes from a divine source. That power is within each of us, and we should use it in everything we do, in all walks of life. It is the power of transformation. Transformation of the mundane into the divine.”

Born in Staten Island, I am a native New Yorker. I attended the High School of Art and Design but didn’t find my calling until ten years after art school. At first I took some life drawing classes at the New School but then I found sculpting. I happened upon the studio of Arturo DiModica ( who is the creator of the infamous bull on Wall Street) where I started to learn stone carving. Then afterwards studied with Mr. Sabastiano Mineo and his son Ron at Art Life Studios on the upper east side.
There, I worked in traditional stone and wood carving along with sculpting clay.
I was fortunate to have a teacher and to this day , dear friend Ron Mineo who directed me onto my true path of metal working. I studied at the Sculpture Center on the upper east side. Steel / welding was an instant love and I have been working in it ever since. My career in metalwork has gone full circle over the past twenty five years . I began with the abstract, moved onto the functional , extended to the architectural and now have returned back to the sculptural with all disciplines under my belt. I am truly living my dream.

Small Scale Sculpture

Large Scale Sculpture

Furniture and Functional Art