Brian Wallace

Brian Wallace


I'm a retired communications instructor/developer, raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland (USA). I have a wide range of interests which include some artistic talent. My eclectic tastes, thirst for variety, and preference for images over words, eventually lead me through the internet to the world of 3D stereo in 2006.

Once I discovered that basically anyone with a camera, PC and access to the internet could create and share 3D images, I enthusiastically began a very interesting and somewhat addictive odyssey into a world that was a little off the beaten path though right up my alley! I realized quickly that this particular hobby was becoming more of a passion. I joined several international internet groups devoted to facets of 3D stereo which helped me immensely to learn and share ideas.

Each time I think I've reached a peak, I find myself crossing another threshold that challenges my abilities and talents while paving way to another plateau. My hope is to become the best that I can be, not just with 3D stereo but life in general.

A few have told me my 3D images have inspired them to reach for similar results. I couldn't ask for a better compliment to my work. I view my accomplishments thus far however as merely a good foundation upon which to build into the future. I'm also creating normal 2D images for those who are not into 3D stereo.

OOF (Out Of Frame)

3D Stereo Anaglyphs