name: Cathryn
An new artist ready to create something new.
Things I enjoy: Creating Cartoons, sketching on a daily bases, using dark colors, and working with digital art (best place to mess with colors and create fan art), I love working on posters with some paint also.
I really enjoy creating monsters and creatures the most if you like them - stay with me. I have so many ideas a day, just takes awhile to create them. Only thing so far that really needs work in my life is creating hands, so if you see hands hiding there is a reason why. I grew up having a strong style for making things darker than normal but becomes more of a pleasant feel. Many people don’t believe in me or if I could make something out of it but my friends say it’s always worth a try in the end. So far I been really enjoying most of my new experiences so far. Recently I made two logo special’s for people for the fun of it on Instagram, they really enjoyed it, that’s another reason why I wouldn’t mind requests just so we see how it turns out.😃
- over time I cant wait to see improvements in my digital and my charcoal-

If ya get something let me know how ya like it or how it turned out OR if you will like to do a request I like to give those a try just email:

Instagram is now available;

If you like my art please continue to follow me on my adventure by going to my instagram!

—🤗 PS. My art is only sold on Redbubble and ArtPal- and posted through Instagram, everything that I create are mine alone from my heart to what I love for you, if found in places that are NOT where I posted please notify me.. thank you