Stoyan Stoyanov

He graduated in the field of Pedagogy of Fine Arts and worked as an art teacher in the period
1982-1995. During that time, he began to paint in the beautiful Bulgarian town of Balchik. Since
1995 he’d focused entirely to the arts. He made several major solo exhibitions, mostly outside
of Bulgaria:
• 2010 - Solo Exhibition - BCI Berlin, GERMANY;
• 2010 - Solo Exhibition - BCI Budapest, HUNGARY;
• 2010 - Solo Exhibition - Gallery VAROSHA, Lovech., BULGARIA;
• 2011 - Completed visual project with two more artists - "Black Stories" in BCI-Prague,
• 2011- Solo Exhibition in the halls of the Music Faculty of the University of Debrecen,
• 2016 - Solo Exhibition in "Wittgenstein House" in Vienna, AUSTRIA.
The pictures of Stoyan Stoyanov are made by oil painting in the style of abstract expressionism
and visualize the perception of reality in a way that colors dominate the forms.