Spotted Pony Wyoming

Spotted Pony Wyoming

Spotted Pony is a world collectors site for wonderfull art from every century, and every country on our earth. Impressionism, realism, fine Dutch Masters of the art world. Neolithic, Asian Tombs forgotten, and excavated to bring wonderful art viewed in musiums, some from 5800 B.C. Artifacts dating the flood of Noah, Now you can have wonderful art dwelling in your home. To share with only the great minds that can appreciate these wonderful items. You can buy while privately viewing The Gallery The Spotted Pony, this store is located at 160 Main Street Lingle Wyoming. Please stop to see more. Call at 307-575-8194

A Summer Day

A Danish Farm

Enquirey of s champion

The Windmill of the Danes

A Royal Horseman with Scarlet Kamona