Spider Spinnings

Spider Spinnings


Greetings! I am C. Fessenden, sometimes known as “Spider”. I am beyond thrilled that your point of curiosity has compelled you into reading this. I now eagerly welcome you to my world.
I am a little no-one. I am "white", “middle class”, and “country”. An extra in the background of the film called life (or so it seems?). People make plenty of assumptions about me; But very rarely is being an artist, a rounded one at that, one of those assumptions. My focus may vary, I practice many types of art continuously, It would appear that what I create depends on my inspirational subject and my mood.
My work does not “say” any more than it “is”. My belief is that art has two functions: to record (“is”) and to express (“say”). These functions may co-occur within a work or may not. As not only a lover of art but also of the psyche; my ambition is to learn, utilize, and teach the functionality of art as a means of communication. While art can be used for just about any type of desired communication, my works run along one of two main threads; identifying atypical ideas of beauty or advocacy. I may compose based on the psychology of innate appeal. By applying such appeal to, or simply emphasizing what was already, a typically mundane object(s) I can expose simple or atypical beauty. In regards to using my works as a form of advocacy; I, as a survivor, choose to use representations of my own story to educate or spotlight commonly misunderstood, misrepresented, or even ignored societal concerns. Such subjects include; domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, neglect, struggles with identification of and within the LGBTQI+ community, and frequently, the realities of living with mental disorders.
I have found intrigue and inspiration in a specific range as I have grown; impressionism, post-impressionism, cubism and abstract art.
I was self-taught until I began high school; where more formal studying began and continued through associates and bachelor’s degree work.
My work has been displayed in a congressional art competition, at Montgomery Community College, in public libraries and on the set of many a theater production.




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