Space Vistas

Space Vistas

Space Vistas
Pedro Diaz-Rubin

The most important characteristic of Space Vistas art is the imaginary rendition of real space scenarios. The goal of the author is to create snapshots of the celestial bodies from points of view that can only be achieved by future space explorers. Yet, these space scenarios imitate reality as far as current knowledge of the celestial bodies is available at the moment of the creation of the Art.

Space Vistas art is intended for the dreaming lovers of space landscapes. That is, for the dreaming mind that wants to be a part of the exploration of space; for the intrepid mind that wants to be an astronaut; for the ingenious mind that want to figure out how to get there; for the curious mind that to figure out how would it would look like to be there; for the romantic mind that wants to connect to the cosmos . . .

The author was heavily influenced by the Apollo program when he was a child. Those TV images of the Moon landing showed a landscape illuminated by the Sun where the sky is black in the day time. The idea that scenarios in other worlds could be different from the places on Earth initiated his desire to learn more about the celestial bodies. His childhood games were centered on exploring planets and his studies focused on space-related topics.

The artistic style used by the author is a result of his love for Astronomy combined with his computer art skills. Therefore, the reality of the space scenery depends on the astronomical knowledge of the author at the time of the art creation. In order to make a space scenario as realistic as possible, the author keeps-up his learning of his favorite science. Once inspired, the author employs art tools such as painting, 3-d figure generating, and landscape rendition software to create a space landscape for all to admire.