SoReal Art

I am a 32 year old female from Kansas City, Missouri. Most of my art is inspired by the 32 years that I've lived as an emotionally disturbed person. Until now, I've never been able to translate my disorder into an attribute. Instead of letting the paralyzing anxiety, perversions, and addictions run riot, I finally picked up a paintbrush.
As a freelance expressive writer, recently finding my experiences ineffable. Coupled with almost no technical artwork ability or training, I wasn't able to get my exact thinking from mind to matter. Instead of painting an image, I learned I could paint the feeling, then art became effortless as breathing.
My emotions have always set me apart, leaving me alone amongst 6 billion people. This is my gallery, where my emotions will continue to set me apart, to offer you the uniquest art. I am one OUT OF 6 billion artists, not ONE OF 6 billion artists.
Thank you for your interest in my new endeavor.
So real art!