Sophie's Menagerie

Sophie's Menagerie

Sophie's art takes its inspiration from animals and, in particular, her unashamedly anthropomorphic take on what they might be thinking. The viewer is not invited to analyze or agonize - merely to smile as the subject, (who is typically much smarter than the poor viewer), betrays his thoughts, be they happy, cheeky, or more usually, wicked.

A true naive painter, her art master, local artist Ben White, gave her only one piece of advice - 'Don't change anything'. Her work is a kind of innocent self-portraiture, employing the language of children’s art, and yet subverting it with an unfailing command of line and eye for colour.

She has recently exhibited at the Hype Galleries in London, Berlin, and Milan is now selling her work in giclee-print form.

Sophie lives in the English south coast resort of Hastings & St. Leonards with her partner Simon