Great art changes us. It helps us think in new ways. Helps us breath a little deeper. Helps us to understand parts of ourselves that have been out of reach.Great art contextualizes the pain that we have carried in our hearts. Secretly. Quietly. Unconsciously.

Art reveals to us what we didn’t know how to know. Until someone else knew for us. Until someone else was generous enough to help us know for ourselves.

Sinead's art reminds you of the inspiration available to you through the colorful palette of the love in your life. That might be through friends, through lovers, through children, or through creative projects. However it manifests, it’s a deeply transformative process.

Great art is made out of enjoying every morsel of love given to us. It’s made out of making more out of the love that flows through us. It’s made out of being transformed by the love offered by those around us.

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