Freake'n Ink

Freake'n Ink

Hiya!! S.L Freake here in Newfoundland, Canada 🇨🇦
I'm new to selling my artwork THIS way, although not new to selling my work in general.
As well as being an artist; I am also a published author and illustrator for all ages.
I design tattoos and create artwork on commission as well.
My artwork is done in many styles and media's.
Such as - but NOT limited to: painting rocks (or painting on anything that will hold still haha) funky, offbeat and sometimes inappropriate crochet, and I can replicate most images in paint and other art forms, clay figures, and so much more!
I am happy to ship originals of artwork purchased here, and myself will keep a scan and photo for my portfolio.
Unless specified, my paintings are done on full size poster board and will be shipped in according fashion best suited to keep your new treasure safe!

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