Julian Armstrong

Julian Armstrong


Well... I guess i'll start off by saying my name is Julian Armstrong; Born in California; I'm an 18 year old who just started college. i hate school, love photography, art, and a \ load of other stuff... but anyways, i'm here to sell my art work; mostly drawings that i feel deserve to be spread across the world. all my items are 1 out of 1. no prints/copies because in my opinion i would hate to buy something that didn't take time and effort if ya know what i mean. if its a picture it's taken and developed by me. as well as drawings and paintings etc. (all done by me)

i dream to eventually move forward into traveling around the world exploring new cultures but need the cash to do so. if you don't like what you see then choose to move along but i put a lot of hard work into my art so thank you all for checking it out. if anyone has questions feel free to contact me at julianarmstrong12 [!at] live.com or on here.

thanks again,

-Julian Armstrong :D