My name is Siriput Pullarp Is an independent artist who likes to travel with lines and colors. Traveled around, abso byrbed the diverse atmosphere and then slowly described it through the color lines and brushes that we can touch with our heart, which is free, creating works of art, doing maintenance work in the house Plumbing .. Electricity ... Our beloved King, Thai people. Plant the food we want to eat .. Eat the food we plant .. Fish, raise chickens. Adopt a dog as a friend Dig the soil, cut the grass, make vegetable plots, make liquid fertilizer, shovel the soil with the strength of the retirement age. Travel to various places to open the door to the world, garner knowledge Presenting works of art, reaching a wider audience in a world without boundaries
The artist's travel voyage was recorded with a line drawing.
And watercolor is an absorbing beauty and atmosphere of the current landscape in the moment with love and pleasure in creating the sudden lines of the charcoal on saa paper and the brushwork of the watercolor that flows according to the mood. The heart and the hand together as one, harvesting the aesthetics of various places Save hundreds of images.
Including oil paintings on canvas, acrylic, ceramic art, mix media and Contemporary art. Many of these techniques Was created from a long experience and expertise that has been cultivated by the Art Institute for 8 years (3 years of the School of Fine Arts + 5 years Silpakorn University) Layout of the elements of visual art such as Line - Color - Texture - ligth and shadow ) - Form & Space, etc. ... by using imagination from inner inspiration to drive emotional beauty to pull emotions Born as a pure art, presented to the public in a wide society. It tastes and shares love and beauty. To elevate the human mind Which brings prosperity to the soul Creating peace for all humankind.
***1. Name-Surname * Siriput Pullarp
2. Born - ChonBuri, 10 June 1954
3. Education background * 2522 Bachelor's degree (Painting), Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University
4. Specialization program * Fine arts and ceramics
5. Dissemination and performance of art
1976 - 1978 - Group Painting Exhibition "PAINTING GROUP "1st time At the Goethe-Institut Bangkok
- Group Painting Exhibition "PAINTING GROUP ", 2nd time At the Goethe-Institut Bangkok
1979 - Art thesis exhibition, Silpakorn University, Wang Tha Phra, Bangkok
1981 - A Study of Art and Cultural Activities In Italy for 1 year
1982 - watercolor painting and line art show * Italian scenery * 1st line and color travel
At the British Council Bangkok Institute
1983-1984 - performance of contemporary art At the Art Gallery Peera, Bangkok
1986 - Exhibition of solo works, set of paintings * Illusion Book (ILLUSION BOOK) at Wiwattham Gallery, Bangkok
1988-1989 - Silver Medal Winner And bronze National Ceramic Art Competition
Ceramic art type 1st and 2nd At the Art Gallery, Silpakorn University, Wang Tha Phra, Bangkok
1992 - Single Ceramics Art Exhibition CERAMIC ART EXHIBITION Set * Traces of the Past
(* MODERN HERITAGE) at the Landmark Hotel, Bangkok
1992 - Single Ceramics Art Exhibition CERAMIC ART EXHIBITION Set * People - Iron - Stone - Clay - Wood
(* THE ELEMENTS OF HUMANKIND) at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok
2011 - Mixed media exhibition * Fine Arts - Sin Thai At Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Bangkok
2013 -57 - Performance of Na Pra Lan Travel Club Group At Chiang Mai Art and Culture Center Chiang Mai Province.
2017 - solo exhibition, watercolor painting and line drawing * Set of travel lines and colors, 2nd time
(A JOURNEY OF LINES AND COLORS) at the Hop Art Space Gallery, Bangkok
• 2020 - Performance of the Faculty of Painting Alumni Group 32 At Baan Tuek Art Center, Chiang Mai 15-30 Jan 2020, Chiang Mai Province.


Ceramic Art

Watercolor Painting

Drawing Landscape