Andre J Silvera/Silveria Silvi

Andre J Silvera/Silveria Silvi

My name is Andre Silvera i was born on April 20 1987 in small town called Falmouth and after migrating to Canada 2005 and went in Brampton news as show case for my art. Any one look my art work read the real arts mind that is real arts. True Word send this 11:11(111,222,333,444,555,66?,777,8888,999,10:10 they have mean). April 20 1889 and April 20 1987 gets 98 from 1889 witg 1987(98)(9,8 seen 2 with date)( Adolf G H I J and Andre F G H I) etc Hitler S T U V etc and Silvera B C D E(Jamaica B C D E)(Tv 2) tele-vision(Tele fone)(phone/fone)( Hebrew 8 Alice Elizabeth over Pol-ice(Al-ice)( 2 ice that) word spel(spell 2 i 2 c 2 Ee like 2GG true word mark into/upon that area B C D E or Zone F G H I(April 29 1889 and April 20 1987)(9,9(8) calulate(october 18 2018 and October 16 1919 (twoo nine teen)8 letters(November 27 2005 Brampton News and November 9 1923 Manchester Guardian News( spel-news) 8 letters( jealous over view News most want that jobs) true Al-ice Elizabeth over pol-ice( March twice 97 and 8 1883 Alice(A-A2) twoo A-A(2) A......d(G1 , 2O, 3D) LORD E F G H i etc. (Book dont last most only LORD BOOk) Wol or WolF G H I(Alphabets) wolf type(Bets,beth) GOD E F G (Go def G) 4 ever true. Blind E F G H (copy ear fone/phone tune word help with that feel hole with page(English teach was a blind true). April 20 twice gets back site/sight rite/right.( Mr. Weld well guyy dead from that Accident(CC 2) miss take (SS) GG 2 Alice Elizabeth Love Song 2 and idea from Love Song 1) Jamaica b c d f Gg( GG) all/hall capital( skipa that ship word) WOLF G H I J etc. LORD make over them each time born date like baby.(true rime/rhyme blue) wise more fool all 4.April 20 💡/idea.(sign% word) some rite/right. Marie F G H I (Dornett) White F G H I(Andre F G H I and Adolf G H I J) Alphabets make word spel(spell). 149 131 18 ages 116 98 18 ages 15 Year 2020 131 1889 1987 98.2005 116 1889 1987 98 18 ages 15 year 2020 Canada Kanada.A B C D.