Drew Sikes Photography

Drew Sikes Photography


I first got into photography in 2009 when my dad bought me my first camera as a gift. It was nothing special, but it came in really handy when I was shooting pictures and videos for a struggling music career. Later in my teens was when I began to take my photos more seriously. I took a few years of photography classes in high school, then continued at The Center For Performing and Fine Arts. I learned a lot of great things from that, but I truly feel that most of my expertise comes from the hours of practice and experience I’ve gained in the field.

To create my art I draw inspiration from my urban surroundings. I’m constantly exploring the streets in search of anything that craves my desire for edgy photos. Area’s that have been taken over by graffiti and culture are some of my favorite locations to shoot. I work hard to incorporate my passions into my art such as music, fashion, architecture, and exploration. My style consists of dramatic dark tones and sharp details. If I had to describe it, I would say it’s grunge inspired but put together in a tasteful way.


Graffiti Collection