Esther Spektor

Esther Spektor


At an early age Esther traveled on the trains observing the countryside trees, mountains, flowers, landscapes and the beauty of nature which set the stage for her creative eye of color in her art.

As her family grew older it gave Esther more time to pursue her passion for creating Art. She started making collages and wholesaling them to stores.

In her thirties she owned a silk and dry flower business selling them to department stores.

Returning to California Esther decided to attend Santa Monica City Collage for Art where her true desire to become an Artist began with her Mentor Earl learning how to paint landscapes, Still life, Floral, Impressionism, Realism and Abstracts.

At present Esther can be seen participating in Art Shows throughout California.

Artist Statement:
"Painting for me is relaxing. One never knows what you are going to see in my Art, lots of surprises! I even surprise myself observing the fascinating and fun journey of my abstracts."