Behind the Shutter Photography

Behind the Shutter Photography

Back in 1977 I was single, living in an apartment complex full of young kids like myself in Tustin CA. We were soon all great friends and did everything together, an awesome crew of bud's. A few of us took a camping trip to Yosemite and I brought a compact 35mm film camera to play with to document our hikes. One image in particular I took from an overlook was so dramatic that it looked like a postcard which everyone commented on. A few years after that my GF, now my wife bought me a Pentax 35mm camera kit. That was really the beginning of a lifelong passionate hobby. I now concentrate on nightscapes because it is the most challenging type of landscape to me for so many reasons. Specialized equipment, hiking into the dark landscape, working in dark conditions under challenging conditions and so on. I shoot and create images because I love it and by no means does this create any complimentary income. My photography is exposed to the social media platform on a very minimal and limited scope but I know that if you saw, touched and experienced my photography art in real time you would not be disappointed. You can always return it for a full refund of the art's price.

Please support Independent Artists and buy direct from them. Lets not let corporate 'Big Box' art retailers hijack the art industry with discounted, low quality materials.

When you look at a Barnwood Shutter Framed image on the wall your minds eye will challenge the concept of a frame with a picture in it. I am so confident that if you decide to return the item you can keep the 8x10 print at NO COST to you.

Lester Sarmiento