Behind the Shutter Photography

Behind the Shutter Photography

Do you have space where Art can bring life and perspective into? . . Be it home, office or business? I have been photographing the American Southwest now for over 25 years focusing on Nightscapes and Landscapes, capturing those moments of rich atmospheric light that transforms the ordinary into extraordinary.

To maximize the visual presentation of my images I use ChromaLuxe, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-definition metal photo panels. The color brilliance, outstanding durability and archival qualities makes ChromaLuxe THE choice for my Shutter Frame Art.

My Shutter Frame Art concept was inspired by so many of the Artisan painted frescos in hotel lobby's throughout the world as well as corporate business foyers, B&B's and old world historic buildings all of which depict a window with open shutters looking upon a beautiful country scene. . . The vineyards of a Tuscany countryside come to mind. I build my Shutter Frames from engineered Barnwood boards which showcase my fine art nature images printed on aluminum. The result is a Shutter Framed Window displaying an Iconic landscape view.

Please support Independent Artists and buy direct from them. Lets not let corporate 'Big Box' art retailers hijack the industry with discounted, low quality materials.

Lester Sarmiento