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Shining Light Gallery

Audrey Gaines is a lifelong artist.

How did I start doing art, all right, I’m pretty old and I went to a one room school - ‘years ago’ and the teacher would teach one class or two classes at a time in the spare time we could do anything and I had a Bible story book and I love the Bible stories, so I started drawing pictures about the Bible stories.

There were no to the girls in my neighborhood and so I had to amuse myself and I was with my grandma and grandpa, mom and dad but everyone worked except grandma and me. I had a brother and he was always busy because there were boys in the neighborhood. So what did I do? I loved drawing pictures.

The first piece of my art that was framed by my mother, was a little felt drawing of a little boy holding a loaf of bread by a string. I learned all the rhymes from mother goose.

Then finally I got to go to another school for eighth grade and and one of the teachers said she liked my art. I went home and told my dad that she liked my artwork and he said to my mom, maybe she should take an art class, but we didn’t have any art classes in my town so my mother decided I could go to an Academy in the next town for one art class and it was watercolor.

I go to the school and I learn watercolors and a teacher loved everything I did, she said you are an artist. I went home and told my mom the teacher said I am an artist. I think I’m gonna go to college and learn to be an art teacher. And that’s just what I did.

God was in charge and college is where I met the love of my life at college. The Korean conflict came about and my love decided to join the military to service his country.We decided we were going to get married and so I only went to college for one year and then we got married and he went into the military into the Air Force and I traveled around with him and then we started having children and all we ended up having eight beautiful children four boys and four girls and they are my inspiration for art because God was in charge of all of this and He blessed me in so many ways.

I soon became a Sunday school teacher and what you have to do in Sunday school is you have to have art in your lesson because they like visual things to see as you’re telling them the story. I started doing artwork about my Lord and Savior and the people who lived way back then and still live today.

Then some of my children started doing artwork for their school projects and they were so gifted and it encouraged me to do some more of my own artwork. It was a blessing for our entire family.

Audrey Gaines


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