Dear Collector:

Thanks for stopping by my art store on Artpal. My name is ShawNshawN and I started painting in 1993 and have been hooked ever since. This is your chance to get on the ground level in pricing for my artwork. I recently was collected by Casey Neistat, a YouTuber of 10 million fanbase, so I don’t know how much longer I can offer crazy low starting prices on Artpal before other celebrities and fans start snapping up my work. I have sold over 225 artworks, 225 people can’t be wrong. Remember, this is an original work and once sold, you lose your chance to buy forever, so buy NOW. You deserve to treat yourself.

I work in four different styles: Metal Mayhem, Architectural Abstraction, Realism, and Political Pop. Originally I had wanted to be an architect, which led to the style I call Architectural Abstraction with geometric purity, blueprint like design and warring angles. Being a history major in college, many of my works touch on controversial topics in my style Political Pop, which dissects and dives beneath the surface of pop culture. My Metal Mayhem style comes from using knives only to create and be destructive simultaneously while having an unknown quality. In realism, I am building out my portfolio of artwork to appeal to a broader audience with some tongue and cheek titles. I really enjoy coming up with a puzzle like title to stir the viewer and learn something of history.

>>I am open to commissions as well from my website. Contact me to get a quote. <<

Artistic Influences:

Some of my influences on my work are Shephard Fairey and Banksy for my Political Pop style. For Architectural Abstraction, I am inspired by the work of Augustine Kofie and Nawer. In Metal Mayhem, my work is connected with painters like Gerhardt Richter, Don Clausen and Erik Niemann.

Architectural Abstraction