I am a retired associate professor from The Arctic University of Norway, Campus Narvik, Department of Industrial Engineering. I have always been scribbling and sketching, interested in design and drawing software. Now I have started with a software named Procreate and a iPad Pro and a Apple Pencil.
I have always been concerned with photography, and in particular I have focused on composition and lightning. I am now trying to continue this in my paintings.
I still try different techniques, and I am constantly trying to analyze and improve my pictures.
I am self taught artist, and started active with painting in January 2019. I am painting five or six paintings every week. I feel that I master this better and better every day. I read a lot about art, looking a lot on art and trying to get as much as possible of Youtube videos about painting. I have taken several courses at Udemy and Skillshare.
I am living 6 mounts in Narvik, Norway and 6 mounts in Spain.
If you buy on painting today, you will have a picture from my early career. Wouldn't it be interesting?




Colorful art

Spanish landscape