Selah's Little Haven

Selah's Little Haven

Thank you for coming to my ArtPal Page *Selah's Little Haven*

I have always enjoyed art as a young girl. My father would always color with me in my coloring books. I fell in love with coloring, drawing, and ultimately painting.

In October 2017, I went through a deep life-changing event and received much-needed help. I came out of it as a better person today. I do not take anything for granted. I recall during good times or bad. The love for art never left.

In March 2018, I fell in love with oil painting as a challenge to myself. I did my own research and learned how to oil paint. I immediately fell in love with this kind of art medium.

My art making process is listening to inspirational music and praying. The art pours out like a waterfall. I know I am meant to create what comes out onto these canvases.

I use is oil painting and acrylic as my art mediums. Right now, I am learning different acrylic techniques known as acrylic pouring and possibly oil pouring.

Keep coming back for more paintings! Be inspired! Art is life!


Nilsa Martins of Selah's Little Haven

Summer 2018 Collection

Spring 2018 Collection